Enonic Cloud Celebration January 2024

The open source Enonic platform lets your digital team build and manage digital experiences for mission-critical apps and websites where content is essential.

For years Enonic has been deployable to any cloud, or even on premises. This has been advantageous for organizations in need of flexible deployment strategies, enterprise applications, and support plans.

However, for testing and developer purposes, we have long been offering a limited cloud trial. Ten days of Enonic is of course too short, and that’s why we have been working on a permanent free plan.

Now, after some time in the making, the Enonic Cloud Free Plan is finally released!

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For Developers and Testing

On the outset it’s important to emphasize that the Free Plan is first and foremost meant for developers who want to evaluate Enonic or to access live servers.

Enonic Cloud Console Home Screen

On the free plan, you can create up to three solutions, with a complimentary 5GB of storage. Free plans are further limited to one concurrently running environment, and all environments will automatically hibernate every night. As such, they are not suitable for production usage. Also, there are no SLAs or backups.

Note: If you have previously signed up for trials, you can sign in with your existing user.

Quick Glance at the Cloud Console

When you have signed up, you gain access to the Cloud Console. You will first be prompted to create a solution that fits your needs, e.g. a headless demo, one for CMS essentials, or a clean one.

Enonic Cloud Console Solution Screen

The top level Home Screen lists your solutions, members, and a couple of helpful tutorials and guides. The Solution Screen provides an overview of environments, applications, domains, and ingresses, as well as a direct link to the Enonic XP admin interface.

The various submenus do exactly what they say, giving you e.g. the possibility to install applications or create new environments.

What You Can Do with Enonic

With Enonic you can create, manage, and reuse digital assets across various channels, using a powerful back-end and customizable content API. The platform offers features like logical workflows, smart image handling, and visual page building.

Enonic also provides robust APIs, including GraphQL and JavaScript APIs, to build engaging customer journeys. These APIs are extendable and allow content delivery in various formats to different front-ends.

The platform focuses especially on structured content, where every content item is treated as a reusable digital asset, accessible via a headless API.

Why Enonic Is Awesome for Developers

Enonic offers a developer-friendly experience with a focus on API-first development and front-end agnosticism, supporting the use of various frameworks. It features a comprehensive SDK and smooth CLI integration, and supports server-side applications with JavaScript/TypeScript.

Enonic also embraces a microservice architecture. It facilitates the deployment of independent apps and supports a multi-environment setup for professional development, including CI/CD and agile methodologies. This approach enhances the flexibility and efficiency of building digital solutions on the platform.

For documentation, tutorials, and downloads, visit the Developer Portal.

Ready-made Integrations from Enonic Market

In the Cloud Console, you can download applications directly from the Enonic Market. This is a hub for various tools that enhance digital experiences with Enonic. It's similar to app stores like Apple's App Store or Google Play but specifically for Enonic users.

Enonic Cloud Console Application Screen

The Market offers a range of applications, libraries, and starter kits. Applications are ready-made and can be used directly, such as Google Analytics, Disqus, and HubSpot. Libraries are developer tools for building apps and reusing code, and starters provide a foundational blueprint to quickly start new projects.

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