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  • Cool offices in the center of Oslo, Norway
  • Passionate co-workersย 
  • Exciting platform and technology
  • Great opportunities for professional growth
  • Excellent compensation and benefits package
  • Entrepreneurial opportunity and growth

What Is Enonic All About?

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Do you have a burning desire to work with digital experience software? Either as a software engineer, DevOps engineer, Specialist supporting our clients and partners, or sales and marketing?

Enonic's Hiring Process

What can you expect when you apply for a position at Enonic? Let our flowchart graphic help demystify our hiring process.

From the first interview to a potential offer, the process usually takes a couple of weeks.

Enonic's Hiring Process

Alan Explains the Hiring Process

Exactly what can you expect when you apply for an open position at Enonic?

My first months at Enonic

Guรฐmundur Recounts the First Months

Get a feeling of what you will experience when starting at Enonic.

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