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Manage content in different markets and regions from a single editorial source. Our layers functionality allows for parent-child inheritance in a single CMS environment—with familiar capabilities and a visual page editor. Developers can even use any front-end framework when building the solution.

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A layer inherits content from a parent project. Inherited content can be edited in the local layer, renamed, organized differently, or even archived, while new content can be created, modified and published within the new layer.



User rights and access management

Enonic offers fully customizable user rights and access management, with custom roles and user groups, and granular management for each content item. Third-party providers are supported via pluggable ID providers.

Visual Page Editing

Visual page editor

Move beyond headless with drag and drop, powerful search, smart image handling, and real-time preview. Editors also benefit from a content tree structure, workflow, and issues system.

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Solving localization challenges with layers

How Enonic and a multinational organization with multiple offices and languages in several countries solved the riddle of localization.

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