Product News Videos

Product News Videos



Do you find release notes too dull? Then take a look at our product news videos! Learn all about (and see) the latest features added to Content Studio in these short and simple presentations.Β 

Content Studio

Content Studio 5.2

Content Studio 5.2 Product News

This version offers several new enhancements: a visual project graph, project wizard improvements, an unpublish wizard reference check, support for decorative images, and an "online from" time setting.

Content Studio 5.1

Content Studio 5.1 Product News

See the latest changes in version 5, update 1: improved move functionality, search results CSV export, new find/replace dialogue in rich text, improved auto-exclusion on optional dependencies, locked path of published content, and other improvements.

Content Studio 5.0

Content Studio 5.0 Product News

The fifth main version of Content StudioΒ features the following news: Default Content Project is hidden by default, Page Components View and Publishing Wizard improvements, and Call links in the Insert Link dialog.

Content Studio 4.5

Content Studio 4.5 Product News


New features in Content Studio and Content Studio+ include Variants for A/B Testing, Applications on Content Projects, Batch exclusion of dependent items from publishing, Content Editor improvements, and Auto-save of localized content.

Content Studio 4.4

Content Studio 4.4 Product News


Version 4, update 4 comes with major UI improvements in the Publishing and Archive dialogs, a new feature of adding a new content directly from Content Selector, a shortcut link for displaying modifications of a published content and several minor but important improvements of the HtmlArea.

Content Studio 4.3

Content Studio 4.3 Product News

New features in Content Studio 4.3.0 include major improvements of the insert link dialog and version history widget, wizard for creating a new content project, RTL support in text inputs, and ability to see all current editors on the Content Editor page.

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