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Migrating from a Legacy CMS to Enonic

Learn how the Norwegian Building Authority (DiBK) migrated from Optimizely to Enonic in this detailed case study.

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Enonic offers a lightweight headless CMS with added capabilities—like a tree structure and visual page editing for content editors, and a schema system, a powerful API, and full flexibility in front-end frameworks for developers.

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Reimagining NIPO on a Modern Content Platform

With a thorough project, the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) chose a flexible and future-oriented platform with modern technology to enhance the user experience.

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Integrating Design System with CMS

Discover how Gjensidige made their design system work smoothly with the Enonic platform for both editors and developers.

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How the Norwegian Electronic Health Library Manages Guidelines

Guidelines and guidances can be a complex matter for public organizations. Explore a potential solution for your team in this case study!

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Going headless with Next.js

The Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration used Enonic and Next.js to migrate their massive site to a modern, headless architecture. Without compromising the editor experience.

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What they need, when they need it, where they are

Required to comply with both regulation and user expectations, the Norwegian Directorate of Health aimed to deliver complex information from several sources through multiple channels to different users—in one solution.

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A perfect match – football and PWA

The Norwegian professional football leagues Eliteserien and OBOS-ligaen ramped up their usability and went for progressive web apps in the 2022 season.

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Delivering beyond expectations

When $80BN financial services company KLP announced a tender to replace the aging digital platform, Enonic rose to the task and delivered a proof of concept beyond expectations.

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From website to employee platform

Gearing towards the future, Bouvet decided to shift their approach to “show, don't tell.” They leveraged their website as a communication platform for their employees, instead of being a product catalogue—enabling their 1,350 coworkers to be bloggers in Enonic XP.

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Solving localization challenges with layers

How Enonic and a multinational organization with multiple offices and languages in several countries solved the riddle of localization.

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Untangling complexity with a powerful enterprise search

Faced with many complex sources, the Norwegian Electronic Health Library turned to Enonic for efficiently curating, cleansing, and distributing search data to healthcare professionals.

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Elevating enterprise search with Enonic

Enonic XP uses the fast and powerful Elasticsearch as its search function. See how Norway Post utilized the search functionality on their new website.

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Boosting a startup online newspaper

Two guys, one idea, and no front-end experience. The emerging online law newspaper Rett24 faced obstacles and overcame them all thanks to Enonic XP.

Table Football Colleagues Office
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Office League - Table football goes digital

A team of skilled developers and table football enthusiasts wanted to take it to the next level. The result is an amazing Progressive Web App that enables "Foosball" players from all over the globe to create leagues of their own, invite opponents, and play to rule the rankings.

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Digital low threshold for associations

With hundreds of local organizations, Norway's hunting and fishing association needed a user-friendly and flexible publishing system for the future. They got that with Enonic.

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Flexibility across multiple brands

When over 40 websites from the top Norwegian football leagues needed a complete relaunch, Enonic XP was brought onto the carpet—delivering a user-friendly and flexible tool to create and maintain dozens of different brands, all in one platform.

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