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Enterprise Applications

For our software or cloud subscription customers, we offer full access to a range of enterprise applications that extend the functionality and features of the Enonic platform.

Audit Log Browser Icon

Audit Log Browser

Lets you browse and search for different audit log entries.

More about Audit Log Browser


Booster โ€“ Smart Cache

Supercharges your Enonic sites with intelligent caching.

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Content Studio Plus Icon

Content Studio+

Enhance Content Studio with enterprise features to increase productivity and control.

More about Content Studio+


Explorer โ€“ Enterprise Search

Index any source, and manage and provide fully customizable interfaces.

More about Enonic Explorer

Live Trace

Live Trace

Capture and analyze traffic from Enonic XP to improve applications performance.

More about Live Trace

Rewrite Manager Icon

Rewrite Manager

Allows power users to create and manage redirects for your sites and applications without involving developers or technical staff.

More about Rewrite Manager

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