Open Source

We in Enonic strongly believe in sharing knowledge and best practices. Together with increased security and improved development, we found ample reasons to embrace open source licensing. Here is what this means in practice.

Cheering Crowd

Sharing Is Caring

By opening our source code, we invite developers all around the world to join the party. Everyone can contribute and anyone can in practice use our plaform for free.

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In Enonic, we believe in security through transparency. By exposing the source code to the whole world, it is possible to weed out vulnerabilities faster.

  • Faster vulnerabily testing
  • Greater predictability
  • Easier to learn
Developers Server Self Hosting

Host It Yourself

Enonic is available as software and can be deployed to your cloud of choice, or even on premise. Take advantage of our enterprise applications and support plans to enhance your mission-critical deployment.

  • Host in any cloud
  • Flexible deployment strategies
  • Different support levels
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The Enonic platform is built with Java, which allows for great freedom if and when your organization wants to build something truly custom.

  • Runtime
  • Task scheduler
  • Customization
Woman Computer Technology CMS


GraalVM offers a universal VM for diverse languages, simplifying development for large orgs. It boosts performance, reduces costs, and optimizes scaling.

  • Unified software development
  • Reduced complexity
  • Lower operational costs
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Straight to the Source

See the full source code on GitHub.

Examine the Enonic XP source code

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