The Enonic platform offers many features where the common goal is to make your daily worklife as friction-free and smooth as possible. Our clean interface lets you focus on the essentials with a user-friendly layout and a neat overview.



Create, edit, and publish in a few heartbeats. Or send your content to review. Or approve drafts. All in a visual, intuitive manner.

  • Instant content validation
  • Visual status markers
  • Natural progression stages


In an editorial environment, collaboration and approval processes are paramount. That is why our issues feature lets you request proof-reading or quality control from other users.

  • Create and assign issues for all content
  • Comment and collaborate
  • Email notifications

Smart Image Handling

The focal point feature lets you choose an area of an image that will always be shown—no matter the image dimensions and cropping on your website.

  • Focal point
  • Upload single or bulk media
  • Crop, rotate, or flip


enonic image handling


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Tree Structure

The tree structure can reflect your website, or a logical structure for managing your content.

  • Logical structure with a neat overview
  • Create, publish, sort, duplicate, and delete
  • Custom access rights

Contextual Preview

Editors love interactive and responsive previews.

  • Device emulator
  • Interactive preview
  • Pluggable


Adapt your content to different markets with our unique layers functionality.

  • Inheritance model
  • Manage each layer individually
  • Access control


What Are Layers?

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Multiple Workspaces

If your organization has several content collections, you can separate them as different projects, instead of having everything under one instance. This allows for a neat, uncluttered way to manage content.

  • Separate different sites and content collections
  • Control role-based access
  • Easily switch between projects

Visual Page Editor

Build landing pages or customize the look of a single article or content. Drag and drop components, and rearrange them at will.

  • Drag and drop custom-made components
  • Get schematic overview of page structure
  • Right-click for settings and duplication

Enonic is both accessible and easy to work with. In addition, Enonic’s solution was best suited for KLP’s existing skill set, which includes JavaScript.

Åsne Taksrud, Vice President IT Digital Customer Solutions at KLP


Version History

Never lose a minute of your work with our history of content changes.

  • Restore previous versions
  • Compare changes
  • Go back and forth between revisions


Install third-party professional tools to analyze and improve the quality of your content—like Matomo Analytics, Siteimprove, VWO, and more.

  • Ready-made apps
  • Install, activate, or uninstall
  • Use as widgets

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Enterprise Apps

Paying customers get access to premium applications that extend the functionality and features of the Enonic platform.

  • Enterprise search
  • Create and manage redirects
  • … and more


Get full control over security with our granular permissions functionality.

  • IAM
  • ID providers
  • Users, groups, and roles

Admin Search

Looking for that needle in a haystack? Our admin search will find every content item you're looking for in an instant.

  • Find everything lightning-fast
  • Filter by content types
  • Fuzzy search
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Other Highlights

More exciting features of the Enonic platform include:

  • Page templates
  • WCAG support
  • Dashboard
  • Pluggable admin

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