Enonic Recap 2022 Group

We asked all the teams in Enonic to reveal what they discovered and learned in 2022 and also share what direction they are heading in. Here it is:

Team Cloud

The main focus for Cloud Team in 2022 was "lift and shift" the infrastructure for ease of management, security and reliability.

That includes using infrastructure as a code tool for managing all instances; decommissioning old CI/CD servers and replacing them with GitHub action; moving the offsite backup to the cloud and the likes.

We have also been working on maintaining the k8s clusters and the in-house developed XP operator which was also tested on different managed k8s installations.

For 2023 we will mainly focus on building a robust cloud infrastructure for a DR site, maintaining the k8s clusters to make k8s a production ready alternative and improve the security, reliability and performance of existing customer instances.

Team Platform

2022 for Team Platform was a year of making the Enonic platform headless-ready.

The major part of this job was dedicated to building an integration with the Next.js framework, which enabled support of external rendering inside Content Studio. This gives developers full control over rendering capabilities of pages and separate components.

Another big focus for the team in 2022 was security. We have arranged a series of InfoSec workshops where we discussed the topic and learned about cryptography, how to avoid injections when writing code and consider security aspects when building system architecture.

The most important outcome of this work was the introduction of content security policy in the XP Platform which enables an additional level of protection from 3rd party applications.

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Team Product

We have been ISO 27001 certified for a year and a half now.  To get certified, we defined a lot of new processes and procedures to ensure we stay up to date with the necessary InfoSec requirements.

We also did a thorough risk analysis of every aspect of the company. As we have started practicing the processes and procedures, it has been an eye-opener to the importance of the certification and especially the risk analysis.

We can see how much more prepared and in better shape to deal with all kinds of situations we have been.

Team Inbound

2022 was the year when AI really took off for the masses. We have started experimenting with both text and image generation to astonishing results, and we can't wait to see what the future brings in terms of video, music, and audio.

Furthermore, we worked together with our customers so they can understand the major benefits of using Next.js together with a headless CMS such as Enonic.

We also identified that a composable CMS is the next natural step in the evolution of content management systems following headless CMS, and the benefits it offers.

For 2023, the goal is to work together with those organizations that have a clear content strategy to ensure that they are getting the best out of our platform.

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