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Solution partners help customers develop, design, test, and create their digital experiences. Offering all the skills you need to get your digital project started, our partners provide support every step of the way—and that’s why Enonic loves working with them.

And it seems the feeling is mutual. Our solution partners have been explaining why they value working with Enonic, and why their customers love the platform too.


Bouvet uses the Enonic cloud service both internally and as a web platform for their customers. They value how easy it is to tailor the platform, and Jonas Lepsøy, Department Manager at Bouvet says “the editorial interface is the best we’ve come across.”

Item Consulting

Item Consulting chose Enonic as their primary web platform because it’s a complete, end-to-end platform for developing digital solutions. They think it’s a great fit for small and large organizations both: “It's important for us to work closely with a local vendor to ensure swift feedback and a comprehensive understanding of the market,” says Svein Kibsgaard, CEO of Item Consulting.


Describing Enonic as “the world’s most user-friendly platform”, Seeds first decided to partner with Enonic thanks to their solid partner model, initiative, and easy communication. Today, Steinar Magnussen, Business Development Manager at Seeds, says “we are pleased with the cooperation and with the solutions we have delivered to our customers.”


Capra Consulting values how easy it is to get started with Enonic, with their customers commenting on how attractive and intuitive the platform is to use. On the whole, they believe “Enonic is a flexible and robust platform when it comes to implementing critical business solutions for our customers,” as COO Kjetil Thorbjørnsen, puts it.


Norse work side-by-side with their clients to design user experiences and build prototypes. Lasse Bjørseth, CEO, says they appreciate the fact that Enonic gives them “the flexibility to deploy products to market rapidly, and iterate them based on real user feedback, not assumptions.”

Smart Media

Smart Media is able to create “flexible and forward-looking solutions that meets a number of varying requirements,” says Terje Sakariassen, Head of Production. This is thanks to the headless support and focus on progressive web apps offered by Enonic, as well as the fact that it’s so easy to use.

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From the easy customization to the flexibility, there are lots of reasons our solution partners love using the Enonic platform. And it’s not just the platform that these companies value—they also appreciate working with our professional, friendly, and communicative team.

Perhaps the most common remark is about how easy it is to use Enonic, both for developers and for content editors. A headless CMS with full front-end freedom, an intuitive interface, and powerful visual page editing tools make Enonic “one of the world’s most user-friendly platforms”, according to our solution partners.

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Originally published 3 September 2018, updated 28 June 2022.

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