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Developer Certification Exam

Prove your skills by taking our exam, which is targeted towards developers working with the Enonic platform to build websites and applications.

Improve and Establish Your Competence

By earning your Developer Certification you will demonstrate your commitment to your profession as a developer, and establish your credibility and empower your résumé.

Build confidence and knowledge by taking the exam, and get an advantage in building websites and applications on the Enonic platform.

Preparing for the Exam

We strongly recommend that you attend our Developer 101 and Developer 201 training courses. However, this alone will not make you pass the exam, as you must study and go through the Enonic XP documentation.

If you are struggling with a topic or have other questions, our brilliant community is here to help you. For help please go to discuss.enonic.com or join our community on Slack

The Exam

  • Our dedicated crew of senior developers go through all the questions on a regular basis to keep them relevant for our newest version
  • It is a multiple choice based test
  • There are 50 questions
  • You have to have 75% or more to pass
  • The time limit is 30 minutes
  • You can find the topics in our documentation
  • Sign up and take the exam
  • You can log in to see the status of your certificate
  • Your employer can verify your certification


  • The exam is conducted online, whenever you're ready
  • Requires a computer running Chrome or Firefox
  • Web camera enabled
  • Please have your ID card ready


The cost is USD 120 per attempt, paid by PayPal or credit card.
One attempt is included when you attend the Developer 201 training course.

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