Create Business Value with the Digital Customer Journey

Create Business Value with the Digital Customer Journey



How can you deliver value with a digital customer journey?

With this useful cheat sheet in hand, you will be able to connect each touchpoint of a customer journey to your business goals.

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Morten Eriksen

Morten is the CEO and co-founder of Enonic. He has extensive experience as an entrepreneur focusing on areas like business development, product management, sales, and marketing. He started a digital agency in 1995 and built his first CMS in 1997, then founded Enonic in 2000 where his mission is to accelerate digital projects using innovative technology.

Why Should You Care?

A well forged customer journey allows you to gain and keep customers more efficiently and predictably, and can boost brand ambassadors who will attract even more new customers.


What Is the Customer Journey?

Every touchpoint your potential and actual customers face in the process of going from being unfamiliar with your product to become a paying customer. Or even an ambassador.

What Is Digital?

Any touchpoint that includes websites, apps, or APIs.

Customer Journey

Main Advantages💡

  • Attract more customers organically
  • Help customers make decisions
  • Make it easy to choose your business
  • Ensure continuous customer satisfaction

Your Business💰

  • What is the purpose of your organization?
  • How is your team measured?
  • What are your most important KPIs?

Creating Business Value on Each Touchpoint

🔍 Search

Improve your SEO and get more relevant visitors to your digital experiences. Increase the number of potential customers to reach sales goals and drive revenue.

👋 Online Ads

Paid efforts can augment your organic efforts, on both search engine results pages and social media. Use it together with existing marketing campaigns, to make full use of personas, premium content, workflows, etc.

📱 Social Media

Know where your core audience is and provide them with real value, like sharing success stories or participating in conversations. Then lead them naturally into your owned channels for further progress in the customer journey.

📓 Blog

Often the centerpiece of your marketing efforts, the blog attracts potential leads by answering their pain points in the various stages of the marketing funnel. At least in all topics you have identified as relevant for your target audience.

🆒 Call to Action

A CTA is an appealing element that entices your visitor to do a desired action. It can be a pop-up, button, chatbot, or inline text on a blog post encouraging the visitor to e.g. visit a landing page for downloading a guide about the topic.

✈️ Landing Page

The LP has but one goal: to convert visitors from unknown to lead, with enticing elements like text, image, video, and a form, to encourage the visitor to download a guide, enrol in a webinar, or sign up for a demo.

🧾 Form

The form enables the unknowns to become leads, with a varying degree of required personalia. To get valuable information about leads makes this a vital touchpoint, of which the previous ones have worked together to achieve.

🛒 E-commerce

For B2C businesses a crafty e-commerce platform is invaluable in order to drive revenue. For such businesses, the online shopping experience is another mandatory touchpoint in the customer journey. This must adhere to UX and can be enhanced by the others.

💬 Chat

A chatbot can be a helpful asset to get your visitors to find what they need faster, and to deliver a smooth transition to real customer service when required. With AI it can work even better.

✨ App

An app can give your leads and customers a meaningful tool to administer self service or discover information in new and exciting ways. For instance through gamification, calculators, sliders, and other app-like features.

🌐 Website

Don’t forget the rest of your website. Leads and customers still need to browse through your products, services, technical specifications, pricing, and contact information when they are considering new sales or upsales. Keep UX, SEO, and page speed in check to deliver a great experience.

📡 Online Community

Your websites and apps don’t have to do all the heavy lifting. Empower your leads and customers by facilitating online communities. These can be social media groups, forums, wikis, and Slack. Here you can help each other out and share knowledge and experiences.

📧 Email & Newsletter

Automatized emails and curated newsletters are still going strong. Emails are an excellent way to deliver premium content to leads, or to nurture existing customers. At the same time, newsletters can delight your customers further with helpful and relevant content.

📋 Survey

Frequent surveys can help engage your customers by making their inputs count. You can simultaneously identify pain points in order to improve the quality of your products further. The bottom line? Increased revenue.

🧍Self Service

The principle of self service should be all pervasive from beginning to end in the customer journey. Helping people solve their tasks on their own is the ultimate empowerment of both leads and customers. It also creates a better user experience all the way.

Don’t Forget Modern Principles and Tools

Make the most out of your customer journey with modern marketing principles, like inbound marketing coupled with marketing automation. Inbound marketing plots your touchpoints to different stages in the customer journey—like attract, convert, close, and delight.

Marketing automation automatizes workflows, leads scoring, emails, and much more. Be sure not to leave your customer journey in the dark. Enlighten it with modern marketing principles and tools!

5 Tips to Map Your Digital Customer Journey

  • Identify your target audience and their goals
  • Identify customer pain points
  • Map out the customer journey touchpoints
  • Align touchpoints with business goals
  • Update and improve continuously

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