In Enonic we value all our partners highly, having close collaborations in bids and customer support. In this nearly symbiotic relationship, Enonic deliver the digital platform while partners build custom solutions for their clients.

However, we have different levels when it comes to partners. This is meant to honor the partners who are most dedicated to our platform, and to elevate those who have demonstrated the required skills and real commitment to deliver projects based on Enonic.

Three Partnership Levels

There are currently three levels of partnership at Enonic, each with their different set of requirements:


Solution partner

Premium solution partner

  • No requirements for certifications
  • Intention to do business together
  • Signed associate agreement
  • 2 certified* developers
  • Intention to do business together
  • Signed solution partner agreement
  • 10 certified* developers
  • 1 project last 12 months delivering revenue to Enonic
  • Attend 2 Enonic Meetups or webinars last 12 months
  • Submitted 1 app, lib, or starter to Enonic Market last 12 months
  • Signed solution partner agreement

What Partners Can Expect

All companies in partnership with Enonic can expect a unilateral revenue share. Premium solution partners get 20% the first year and 10% in subsequent years. Solution partners get a flat rate of 10%. Associates receive 15% revenue share the first year only.

All partners and associates get access to a dedicated partner manager from Enonic, a go to market plan, technical support, and a training program for developers and sales at a discount. Speaking of discounts, Enonic Cloud is offered at a discounted rate to all partners and associates.

Partners and associates are also listed on Enonic’s solution partner directory, complete with backlinks and logos. Further advantages include bid and technical presales support, and being able to use the Enonic brand for marketing purposes.

Developer support is delivered through the Enonic community, while priority technical support is delivered when needed for solution partners and premium solution partners.

Associate Benefits

Associates cannot expect the same benefits as solution partners and premium solution partners enjoy, due to less commitment. However, the focus for Enonic regarding associates is on building a reference customer to train developers and to boost their business. Some associate partners might be more focused on UX and involve other partners for development resources, but still want cooperation with Enonic. 

Solution Partner Benefits

The benefits for solution partners is as follows:




  • Sporadically on social media
  • Listing on Enonic’s website
Strategic cooperation
  • Bid support
  • Joint marketing efforts

Inbound marketing booster kit

  • Access to marketing content and process advice from Enonic
  • Limited number of assets

Premium Solution Partner Exclusive Benefits

Premium solution partners can expect the following exclusive benefits:




  • High frequency on social media
  • Promoted as premium partner in customer meetings
  • Priority on incoming leads distribution
  • Top ranking on Enonic’s website with case studies in listing

Strategic cooperation

  • Tighter collaboration
  • Priority bid support
  • More joint marketing efforts

Reseller model

  • Possibility to redistribute Enonic’s products and services in addition to the standard revenue share agent model.

Inbound marketing booster kit

  • Access to marketing content and process advisory from Enonic
  • First priority on content selection


Do you have any questions about the partnership levels at Enonic? Ask our CEO, Morten Eriksen.


*Certified developers need to pass a certification test for the current Enonic XP major version (i.e. 7.x.x). When a new major version is released (i.e. 8.x.x), a new certification test must be conducted and passed within 12 months for the certification to be valid.

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