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Build websites faster than ever using a modern digital stack consisting of headless CMS and modern frameworks. Host anywhere and build solutions with your favorite front-end framework and tools.

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With a flexible schema system and the GraphQL API, developers can fetch exactly the data they want, when they want it. Aside from customizable APIs, Enonic also supports pluggable ID providers.


Rich and flexible schema system

Model rich content types using our flexible schema system. Enonic supports blocks, grouped fields, content and media references, rich text editing, and more!

Visual Page Editing

Visual page editor

Move beyond headless with drag and drop, powerful search, smart image handling, and real-time preview. Editors also benefit from a content tree structure, workflow, and issues system.

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Going headless with Next.js

The Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration used Enonic and Next.js to migrate their massive site to a modern, headless architecture. Without compromising the editor experience.

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Tutorial: Next.js + Enonic

Get full flexibility with structured content and APIs. Full developer freedom and visual editing for editors.

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