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Enonic offers a ready-made application for collecting and searching across data from different sources, enabling you to build rich search experiences both internally and externally. Also included is an admin console for configuration and optimization of the search experience.

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Admin tool

The Explorer admin interface lets search operators control the collections, manage fields, synonym lists and exposes the data through interfaces.


Search facets

Explorer features fields (across sources—e.g. "first name"), collections (unique data sets), synonyms (thesaurus lists to match custom vocabularies), stop words (defined as irrelevant), and interfaces (combination of all of the above).

Front-end Frameworks

Customizable front-end

The headless nature of Enonic with structured content and a GraphQL API lets you customize the search front-end with any preferable framework.

Enonic Explorer Sky

App: Explorer

Enterprise search application for collecting, and searching across data from different sources.

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