Fast Car Speed Headless CMS

Enonic is a powerful content platform that combines freedom for developers with a flexible and intuitive content management experience for editors and marketers.

Here are 5 reasons why you should go headless with us:

1. Powerful content management

Enonic’s headless CMS offers a feature many others lack—a content tree structure. This can reflect your site or content structure, and allows editors to get a neat overview and handle permissions on multiple levels.

Editors can create, edit, move, duplicate, sort, and archive content items in a fully responsive admin interface. Other highlights include previewing content in context and seeing version history.

2. Smart image handling

Enonic does not simply store and display images. You can crop, rotate, flip, and assign a focal point—which saves you from wasting your time on third-party programs to do the same tasks.

Also, you can reuse the images across your content structure, bulk upload to save time, and generate URLs to scale images to any size or format. Developers can even apply different optional styles to images, like different aspect ratios or coloring, to customize it to your exact requirements.

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3. User-friendly schema system

As a headless CMS prepares its content for multiple channels, the need for a firm data structure is paramount. With Enonic this is ensured by a consistent schema system.

Here you can model nearly any content type. The platform supports grouping fields, optional field sets, image selectors, content selectors, and rich text editing.

4. Rich API

Instantly access your data from any front-end using our strongly typed GraphQL API. Developers can get exactly what they need and nothing more with just a single query.

The API can even be customized and extended to meet your requirements. Also, Enonic features a fully customizable back-end to build your own APIs and server logic!

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5. Developer-friendly

Developers can quickly become productive with Enonic by using their favorite front-end frameworks and our SDK. In addition, they can easily migrate content and configuration between different environments using Enonic’s APIs and tools.

Finally, we have an active community and rich documentation—including our developer quickstart, headless CMS primer, and Next.js integration guide—allowing developers to get started quickly and get the help they need. And did we mention that we’re open source?


Enonic is the best choice for a headless CMS. The platform has all the headless features you expect, but with added functionality that makes content editors happy as well. Give it a go yourself with our free cloud trial.

First published 14 January 2019, updated 1 June 2022.

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