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Increasing the revenue is probably a hot topic for most companies. But, as in most cases in life, it is easier said than done. Thanks to digital transformation, it is smoother than ever before to reach out to potential customers through a wide array of channels in order to increase revenue from digital. But there’s no automatic guarantee of success.

As CMSWire points out, technology—even good and efficient technology—cannot create a business strategy. Only you and your stakeholders can, but technology can certainly be a helpful tool in the process toward increased gold and riches.

Let’s see how a headless content platform like Enonic can contribute to revenue generation.

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1. Innovation vs. maintenance

Increased revenue means increased financial results in the bottom line—essentially more money made in the end. How do you go about to make this goal come true?

It is important to remember that revenue is not about saving money, but to innovate, providing new and more efficient ideas and solutions in order to generate new income.

Having an innovation platform like Enonic will aid you in this endeavor. Enonic is an agile content platform for fast deployment of new ideas and prototypes. From the moment your creative team comes up with an idea, it can be easily tested out in real life through your developers and our innovation platform.

2. The digital organization

Even though almost everybody talks about digital transformation as a way to adapt to the evolving market, not every organization out there is completely digital yet. A lot of established brands and businesses have decades, and in some cases even centuries of processes and content that need to reach modern times. The complete digitalization of these elements is therefore a priority for many.

With Enonic you have one platform to rule them all. The platform has all the necessary components to achieve the goal of digital transformation; it is easily taught and understood, and can be used to pull off digital projects and initiatives in a relatively easy manner.

One of the reasons is our Next.js integration »

3. Time to market

As mentioned above, Enonic allows you to build things faster while at the same time requiring little training. It is easy to master for non-technical users, enabling everyone in your organization to participate in conceptualizing and building innovative solutions to increase revenue.

Through Enonic you may have continuous delivery and fast improvements or enhancements to the service at all times. The time to market is fast, which is something you can use to test out different hypotheses to see what works for you in the quest for revenue.

4. Flexibility

As Enonic is a headless content platform, it allows you to build basically whatever digital experience you want—with any front-end framework you prefer. In this way you can easily build different solutions catering to your customers’ needs.

But why, might you ask, would for instance a shipping company or a sanitation company need a content platform like Enonic? The digital transformation is all around us—it affects all aspects of our lives and doings.

“Physical” organizations like the ones mentioned need digital technology as well—they might want to change their physical faxing solution for invoices to a digital self-service function on their website. This is where you can use Enonic—one platform—to save time and keep things tidy.

5. Content marketing made easy

Finally, you might be wondering: “what about the content management?” Enonic arrives with a CMS interface built in—called Content Studio. With responsive design, intutive interface, and a focus on structured content, Enonic makes content management easier than tying your own shoelaces.

Content marketing is a pivotal part of marketing strategies aiming to leverage your market share and revenue. Enonic is a powerhouse of modern and agile technology, making it a natural choice to be the hub of your digital experiences.

6. The bottom line

Being able to stay ahead of your competitors and building prototypes faster and having flexibility to build different solutions in one platform is a winning formula to increase revenue.

Enonic provides all of this and is a surefire way to get you started and testing out technology in tandem with your overall business strategy.

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First published 12 November 2018, updated 9 August 2022.

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