A given piece of software or service can be as agile, flexible, and technologically impressive as it likes, but it matters little if there is no active community revolving around it. Imagine if there was no engagement or participation in the development of JavaScript, React.js, or Rust. The technologies and actual implementations would be that much poorer.

That is why we at Enonic value our community highly and work hard to facilitate user contributions and discussions. Here we will show you exactly what to expect from our community, as well as providing resources to get you started.

What is the Enonic community?

The Enonic community is present on several channels:

  • Discuss
    Get answers to your questions, read release notes, and discuss anything about Enonic on our forum. This is also where we publish our roadmaps.
  • Slack
    The Enonic Slack community consists of dedicated channels for developers, editors, and Enonic news, where clients, partners, and Enonic employees alike share best practices, ask for help, and discuss features.
  • Meetup
    Enonic hosts quarterly and separate Meetups for developers and editors, where people get a chance to network and see presentations about industry trends, shared experiences, and news about Enonic XP. Meetups are both in Enonic’s offices and online.
  • GitHub
    Enonic is open-source, and the community can both look into the source code and participate in coding and feature requests.

We can also mention two Progressive Web App Meetup groups we facilitate, one in London and one in Oslo, as well as the Enonic Market where both Enonic, partners, and others release apps, libraries, and starter packs for Enonic XP. A final mention goes to Enonic Support, where paying customers can receive support or submit feature requests.

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Excellent place to get help

Although Enonic Support is the surest way to receive aid for paying customers, the community offers an excellent alternative to get help—both technical and project wise. On our forum and Slack workspace, you can get access to skills, partners, tips, and best practice, learn from like-minded people, and get news and updates from Enonic.

In our Meetups we offer presentations from our own employees, partners, clients, and other external thought leaders who lecture about everything from industry insights on GDPR, security, and SEO to sharing how they have solved challenges with Enonic XP.

An aid in the evaluation phase

If your organization is evaluating Enonic as a potential CMS vendor, the community can be leveraged as an invaluable insight into the products and services from Enonic.

Crawl the community channels in order to discover how both the community and solution actually works in real life. At the start of a project this can also prove to be a boost enabling your long-term success.

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Examples from the community

Daily we see people asking questions on how to solve a specific technical issue in Enonic on our Slack channel. Then Enonic employees, partners, and even other clients throw themselves into the discussion to help or share experiences.

For example, a developer noted that some parameters on ImageSelectors did not work, prompting both a reproduction of the error and a fix to be released in a future version of Enonic XP.

But support and feature requests are not the only types of content in our community. For instance, one of our employees asked an open question about HTML accessibility in forms, instigating an interesting discussion among the developers.

Having an active and engaged community is vital for the longevity and continued development of Enonic, and we highly recommend anyone who is curious to join us. Get valuable experience and never miss an update again!

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