While Enonic XP offers a highly stable and flexible platform for building complex websites, progressive web apps, and APIs, it’s not the whole story. In order to paint a complete picture we need to look beyond: What does Enonic offer in terms of services, features, and aid to our customers?


If you’ve chosen to run your digital experiences with Enonic, it’s not as if we hand you the key to the car and leave you to it—all alone. Instead you get the key to the gates of our community, an environment where Enonic and our customers regularly meet online and physically to share experiences and discuss everything from the latest Java version to day-to-day operations as a web editor.

We leverage our community mainly through these channels:

Forum: In our good and venerable online forum you can discuss anything about Enonic XP, read release announcements, ask questions about features, and whatever else crosses your mind.

Slack: Slack is a modern messaging system where registered users can create channels, participate in private conversations, and share files in an intuitive environment. Enonic has a dedicated workspace on Slack where the community can communicate fast and instantly.

Events and Meetups: Enonic arranges quarterly Meetups for developers, web editors, and other relevant people, where customers and partners share knowledge and experiences. By joining our Enonic Oslo group on Meetup.com, you are sure not to miss any upcoming events.

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In addition to our active community, we in Enonic offer dedicated online support and on-site support for our paying customers. Just log into our support system to get the required assistance.

Enonic XP is an open source platform, fully possible to use completely for free and with no strings attached. But if you use the paid version, Enonic will of course support you. Open source users can use our community for free, however.


Enonic has a close collaboration with a variety of professional partners, who implement our solution, offer technical assistance, and provide consulting and advisory on topics such as business, digital, and strategy.

Some of our customers are introduced to us through our partners, who are based in the Nordics, the UK, the United States, and Poland. Our partner program ensures quality on all levels and we all aim to build the best possible digital solution tailored especially for your needs.

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Training and certification

Enonic XP is an advanced web platform, offering you countless possibilities in the digital realm. As we want our customers and partners alike to succeed fulfilling their goals, we offer several training courses for both developers and web editors.

Developers can also take a certification exam, and in that way enhance their resumés and skills for the future.


Enonic’s team consist of highly skilled and dedicated product specialists that also offer project support. This advisory feature is accessible for Enterprise customers and is meant to extend the capabilities of your existing team.

With project support we advise you in best practice, quality assurance, technical architecture, installation and deployment, performance tuning, and on-site training. All in order to make your digital experiences succeed.

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Our digital platform itself, Enonic XP, is of course important for all our customers and partners. It is open-source, meaning you get full transparency into the changes and our roadmap.

The platform is also based on JavaScript, a programming language making it easier for developers to start building solutions fast. And we can’t forget our included CMS, Content Studio, which is intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient for web editors.

While it is indeed possible to run Enonic XP in any cloud, like for instance Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services, you can also choose to host in our very own Enonic Experience Cloud (XC).

Enonic XC is our cloud service for fully managed hosting and software support, and is the best way to host your Enonic apps. The service is custom-made for Enonic XP, and is maintained by DevOps professionals with detailed and thorough knowledge of the product.

Other resources

In Enonic we love to share knowledge. That’s why we have a blog and several useful guides readily available. We also provide a comprehensive documentation of our platform, to help both web editors and developers alike.

Developers can find Enonic at GitHub to take a look at our source code, processes, and repositories, or read our web developer blog Webagility. Our constant strive for documentation and quality is reflected in Enonic being certified with ISO 9001:2015.

Finally, our case studies feature customer testimonials and showcases exciting ways Enonic XP has been put to use, from boosting startup online newspapers to managing scores of sites within the same framework.


All these words, showering glitter and gold upon ourselves … but don’t take our word for it. We constantly ask our customers for feedback, to ensure that we can solve their woes and create excellent experiences.

According to a vendor-neutral report by Boye & Company, “several customers reported that the admin GUI called Content Studio is easy to work with and master, thus making them more productive.” 

Jon Martin Tafjord, Digital Manager at Norway Post, says the following: “Enonic is very intuitive and simple. Even with no experience, you can do a lot with the platform.”

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Great people

Last, but not least, what Enonic has to offer fundamentally is its team of great people—enthusiasts dedicated to their work, skills, and knowledge. We are flexible and agile, and customers repeatedly tell us we’re easy to do business with. At every level we aim to deliver quality, and best of all: we’re having fun while doing it!

Enonic employees before rafting.

So Enonic is much more than a web platform—we’re an active community, a quality-minded organization, and training ground to expand your skill set. If you have any questions, just ask us and we will reply as soon as possible.

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First published 20 February 2019, updated 27 May 2020.

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