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It’s not enough to simply have an online presence. Your organization also needs to satisfy existing and potential customers through a wonderful and exciting customer journey!

In classical marketing terminology, a potential customer goes through several stages in his search for a given product or service: Awareness, consideration, decision, and delight.

In these stages we find various elements, like content and services. These are designed to meet the needs of the potential customer and to help him further along the way.

Enonic is a content platform for building better customer journeys. Let’s see how Enonic identifies the customer situation, and thereby offers content elements and specific services that cater to the needs of your customer.

Customer Situation

A potential or existing customer is a real person, with corresponding attributes. As every other human, he has a specific context, needs, habits, preferences, and friends. Also, he has a limited amount of time and resides and works in a specific geographic location. His employer, colleagues, budgets, and business requirements are also a part of the equation.

In order to understand your customers better and thereby making better customer journeys, it is vital to know facts as these and craft a buyer persona based upon them. Knowing for whom you creating content and services will make your customer journey all the better.

We in Enonic encourage you to undertake the steps to create a realistic persona, as this will make clear exactly which features you need and which you don’t.

Content and Enonic

Enonic is a content platform. Here developers can build a wide variety of solutions, like games, progressive web apps, websites, intranets, logistics systems, or APIs. The platform also ships with a ready made, optional CMS interface on top, called Content Studio.

Depending on what the developers build on the platform, content editors can easily use custom content types such as landing pages, blog posts, case studies, testimonials, snippets, fact boxes, and FAQs. Whatever digital content touchpoint you need in your customer journey, Enonic’s got your back.

Every piece of content is created and placed within a definite structure in Enonic. The content is navigable via a tidy content tree, making the content management much easier. In a complex customer journey, having a neat overview behind the curtains is certainly an advantage.

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Customer Journey

Content in Enonic is also readily available for reuse through APIs. Enonic is consequently a fully headless CMS which separates content and presentation. Not only that, Enonic is simultaneously capable of offering visual editing and orchestrate third party services as an API gateway, which even makes it a composable CMS.

If your customer journey consists of multiple channels, like desktop, mobile, wearables, beacons, public touchscreens, and so on, Enonic’s composable capabilities will leverage your offerings.

Furthermore, quality control is easily maintained by workflows and issues management. This makes sure that the right content is delivered to the right person at the right time, with the highest editorial standard.

Services and Enonic

In a customer journey, content is only half the story. Yes, people love to digest content, but they also like to solve their respective tasks and be offered intuitive and interactive tools in the process.

An online bank that only offered texts about banking would be boring and useless, indeed. An online bank offering loan calculators, options to buy funds, or to review your economy with graphs and projections is of course a much better alternative.

Services can be integrated with Enonic par excellence. Services include both functionality for the end users and functionality for administrators and developers. Self service, eCommerce, targeting, integrations, search, apps, and identity are all examples of services made possible through Enonic and our flexible APIs.

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By itself, the core of Enonic is lightweight, meant to support high performance and fast development of custom solutions. One of our central ideas is to let Enonic be seamlessly integrated with best of breed third party solutions.

In other words: we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. But we can put that wheel to use in a better vehicle and deliver better customer journeys.

Through the Customer Journey

When you combine customer insights with flexible content and services, you get the idea behind the essential Enonic conceptual framework. Enonic is meant to enhance the solutions to all your requirements, and thereby paving the way for an excellent customer journey.

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First published 18 December 2019, updated 11 January 2024.

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