Most content management systems are built either for developers in the IT department or for content editors in the marketing department. Why not have it both ways in one system? Enter the Enonic platform.

When we completely rebuilt the Enonic platform in 2015, we sought to address this particular issue, among others. With our 15 years of professional experience developing CMS, we finally had a sureshot recipe for a modern web platform catering to the needs of the most prominent and relevant departments in your organization.

So, without further ado, here are 9 reasons why Enonic is the CMS than can unify your organization, including developers, marketers, and the business suite.


1. Powerful CMS

While Enonic actually is a web platform for building web applications and APIs, it does include a powerful CMS called Content Studio. With an intuitive and fully responsive UI making it easy to create, publish, distribute, and maintain content, Content Studio is sure to delight content editors of all colors and shapes.

Among the foremost features of Content Studio is the smart image handling, which lets you assign a focal point on any given image—making sure that the image area in question always will be shown, no matter the dimensions and screen size.

Content Studio’s visual landing page editor allows you to always see how a website will look in its final form, while simultaneously guiding you through logical content tree structures, menus, and form fields.

The handy keyboard shortcuts will further boost your productivity, being familiar and letting you do almost everything fast without your hands leaving the keyboard. Collaboration is also made easy in Content Studio, with an issue management system letting you assign issues to your team on about any type of content.

2. Flexibility

Things you can build with Enonic XP include:

  • Self service
  • Corporate web
  • Social intranet
  • Logistics system
  • Web application
  • Mobile back-end
  • Landing pages
  • Blog

Essentially, only the sky's the limit where Enonic is concerned. In addition to all the different digital products your organization may take advantage of, the tool itself is flexible.

With the help of your developers you can create any content type you need, like blog posts, person profiles, events, case studies, redirects, and so on. Also, maximum flexibility is ensured through the responsive UI—letting you easily work from the palm of your hand to giant screens alike.

Adding to the flexible nature of Enonic XP is the fact that it can operate as a hybrid CMS. This means that editor can get headless CMS and traditional CMS in one—delivery of structured content to any channel via APIs and visual landing page editing, previewing, and URL handling.

Enonic is also especially suited for the principles of ContentOps, as the platform makes it easy to integrate people, processes, and technology. For instance, workflow and collaboration is made easy with Content Studio's built-in tools and rules.

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3. Third-party integrations

Enonic’s business philosophy is to provide the best possible CMS and developer framework, while enlisting best of breed marketing tools from third parties. A CMS proffering all solutions baked into one is most likely a suboptimal juggernaut, not delivering the best possible solutions in fields ranging from SEO and analytics to content audit.

In contrast, Enonic offers an app store—Enonic Market—where editors can find and download apps like Visual Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, SEO Meta Fields, and much more with just a few clicks.


4. Open technology

Developers also get their fair share of the Enonic cake. One of the principal reasons why developers will love Enonic and unite with your marketers and content editors is the fact that Enonic is open source.

Go visit our GitHub repository, browse through our thorough documentation, or visit our company portal to delve deeper into our open, forward-minded, and transparent culture.

5. Seriously fast

Enonic will not render your developers’ hair grey with sluggish performance and eternal loading times. Quite the opposite—Enonic features a NoSQL storage, which is a distributed content repository built on top of the super-fast search engine Elasticsearch.

Developers will also be delighted by the use of modern technologies. By using server-side JavaScript and picking their favorite front-end framework—like React, Angular, or Vue—developers can get going and develop services and solutions fast.

Another feature speeding up developing is the Enonic command line interface, which allows for a fast setup and configuration of a developer environment in mere minutes. The CLI also automates task development.

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6. Runs in any cloud

If you’re worrying about whether or not Enonic will be compatible with your servers or hosting, fear not. Enonic runs on the powerful Java Virtual Machine—and can accordingly be deployed on just about any infrastructure without technical restrictions. Enonic also provide Docker images to make deployment even easier.

Want Enonic to run on your own premises? No problem. Google Cloud Platform? Be our guest. On our own cloud? Go for it.

Enonic Cloud is our own fully managed cloud platform. It is designed to meet the requirements of modern web and app development, targeted towards DevOps. Features include continuous deployment, high customization, server-side JavaScript, and a powerful CLI and SDK.


7. Scalable

We haven’t forgotten the business side of things with Enonic. Your co-workers in sales, the business lines, and the C-suite can all rest assured that Enonic paves the way to KPIs and business success by empowering marketing and developer efforts—as explained above.

Explicitly addressing business needs is first and foremost Enonic XP’s ability to scale up and down in relation to the shifting industry landscape. Back-end cluster technology is coupled with an easily manageable content structure in the front. This lets you increase server stability quickly, and you may publish and unpublish everything from small components to entire sites in a heartbeat.

8. Predictable

Due to Enonic being open source and run by a business with several high-profile customers, your business people can expect the Enonic experience to be a predictable one.

There will be no surprises in future versions of Enonic, as you can basically go and read about them months in advance, and even suggest changes yourself, in our GitHub repository. Furthermore, the pricing model is both easily understood and predictable, as it is based on capacity and support level.

This predictability is reflected in what our customers say about us. In the analyst report SoftwareReviews, for instance, Enonic is ranked 1st with a 93% likeliness to recommend.

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9. Time to market

Enonic allows your developers to build things fast while requiring little training. The CMS is easy to master for non-technical users, and enables everyone in your organization to build and maintain innovative solutions for increased revenue.

Enonic offers continuous delivery and fast improvements to your solutions at all times. The time to market is fast, which is something you can use to test out different scenarios to see what works for your business goals.

As mentioned, Enonic can be offered as a service—in the form of the Enonic Cloud. This is a fully managed service, and removes the complexity of hosting, upgrading, and managing your content infrastructure. This lets you focus on building your solution instead of managing operations, enabling even faster time to market.


By the grace of all of the above factors, Enonic is a CMS (and more!) that most definitely can unite the stakeholders in your organization. Marketing gets a user-friendly UI, developers get a modern and flexible technology platform, and business gets a predictable and scalable solution to fit organization purpose and long term goals.

Originally published 20 May 2019. Updated 20 April 2020.

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