The Enonic Cloud is a fully managed cloud solution where customers are offered content management and platform services in one. Enonic Cloud allows you to concentrate on making engaging content and building immersive services, while hosting, deployment, upgrading, and managing are handled by cloud professionals.

One thing is knowing what we offer today in terms of content management (like headless CMS and Content Studio), platform services (like NoSQL engine, JS runtime, and SDK), and our app store Enonic Market. But what is in the pipeline? What can you expect of the future Enonic Cloud?

Self-service is here

The largest new function we aimed to release in 2021 is a fully self-serviced Enonic Cloud. With this we are making the next-level cloud, based on the modern infrastructure of Kubernetes.

In the past you had to contact the sales team when you wished to sign up for the Experience Cloud—and when you wanted to do configuration changes or updates, you had to use the support system to contact our DevOps.

Removing these manual, human steps from the process will ensure not only faster results, but also more security and stability. The self-service functionality lets you sign up on, change plans, change configuration, and access logs. It gives you full control and instant changes, whenever you require it.

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Business advantages

The introduction of self-service will have several advantages for both customers and partners of Enonic. Customers will experience several new functionalities and possibilities they haven’t had access to—if they like DIY, that is. If not, you can always get help using our support channels.

As for partners, they will be able to manage projects and customers fully self-serviced, and will be less dependent on Enonic for resources and action. This can speed up projects and launches markedly.

All in all, the future of Enonic Cloud will enable your company to become more agile—more able to be proactive and reactive towards changes with the possibility of handling several operations aspects yourselves.

Learn more: Enonic architecture unlocked »

Enonic CLI with cloud support

Another new cloud feature is the ability to connect the Enonic CLI with the Enonic Cloud Console. See more in this video:

More functions

Self-service, although important, isn’t all we have to offer in the future. More upcoming functions include:

  • Autoscaling
  • Continuous delivery
  • Simpler platform upgrades (Enonic XP)

Autoscaling is a handy function for automatically managing server capacity during traffic spikes and the like, and conveniently takes the assorted stress off your mind. The continuous delivery solution will become a setup out of the box, removing unnecessary chafing from any project—while the simpler platform upgrades speak for themselves.

We hope you will be as excited as we are for these recent and upcoming improvements of the Enonic Cloud, and we can’t wait for even more thrilling news further down the line. Stay tuned!

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First published 20 May 2020, updated 19 January 2022.

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