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In an age where connectivity is ubiquitous, the consumers have higher demands than ever—they expect to be online everywhere and your brand to offer a seamless experience across any device and channel. For large organizations, the basic need for a simple CMS was passed long ago, but now the more flexible and omnichannel-ready digital experience platforms are also losing ground.

Enter the digital experience cloud: a fully managed platform where content management and platform services are offered in one. A DXC allows you to focus on creating engaging content and developing exciting services, while leaving the heavy lifting of operations to the experts.

This is where the Enonic Cloud comes into the picture. What can you expect of our new service?

Enonic Cloud at a glance

As mentioned, the Enonic Cloud offers content management and platform services in one. Our Cloud is designed to meet the requirements of modern web and app development, with features targeted especially towards DevOps. Highlights include continuous deployment, high customization, server-side JavaScript, and a powerful CLI and SDK.

A brand new feature is the Cloud Console, a self service UI which enables developers to get up and running quickly. Here you can run and operate your own instances of Enonic within minutes:

Development is one side of the coin, and the flipside features the mentioned “fully managed” part. A managed platform removes the complexity of hosting, upgrading, and managing your content infrastructure.

The Enonic Cloud thus comes equipped with ISO 27001 compliant processes, 24/7 monitoring of platform and infrastructure with detailed metrics and logs, daily backups and hourly snapshots, an emergency cloud contingency plan, software and security upgrades, a secure and scalable framework, support for parallel environments, the possibility for CDN and managed certificates, and, of course, support from our experts.

Furthermore, Enonic offers a predictable, request-based pricing model, SLA, and proactive advisory to improve your custom applications.

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Content management

Content is at the heart of your digital experiences, and that’s why Enonic stresses the importance of having an excellent content hub, to easily create, manage, and re-use content across websites and apps.

With Enonic, you get access to a true omnichannel CMS at its core. Our headless CMS allows you to model and distribute your content to any channel through a powerful GraphQL API. But the Enonic Cloud also offers the best of both worlds with our hybrid CMS approach. If more traditional CMS features, like landing pages and tree structures, are a part of your requirements, our hybrid CMS will fulfill these requirements too.

To top it all, the Enonic Cloud ships with a user-friendly UI called Content Studio, where you can manage issues, publish in bulk, preview content, and perform access control. Add a powerful search and advanced image handling to the mix, and you have powerful tools to create, manage, and re-use your content as you deem fit.

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Platform services

While content editors certainly get their fill with the Enonic Cloud, we haven’t forgotten the developers. Based on our core platform, the Cloud features a fast, scalable, and fully customizable back-end. Our NoSQL engine can store virtually any kind of data, with a corresponding search, versioning, and granular access control.

Use our highly optimized JavaScript runtime to power your sites and applications, with pluggable authentication and metrics to enhance your experience. To get your developers started quickly, the Enonic Cloud also includes standardized tools for an efficient development process, like a software development kit, a developer portal, and a continuous build pipeline.

App store

Another feature to get your developers started quickly is the Enonic Market, an integrated marketplace for sharing apps, libraries, and starter kits for the Enonic platform.

Apps include themes, Explorer Enterprise Search, Form Builder, and SEO Meta Fields, while libraries include GraphQL Library, SQL Lib, Notifications Lib, and more. Starters include Webpack, Workbox PWA, and Headless CMS.

Getting up to speed fast is a core tenet of the Enonic Cloud. We have only seen the beginning of fully managed platforms, so come along and share our journey to build the best digital experiences for your customers.

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First published 5 February 2020, updated 21 October 2021.

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