Your business deserves better than a dusty old content management system that has neither the flexibility nor the scalability to deliver the digital experiences that your customers are increasingly coming to expect.

Buzzwords and marketing slogans aside, let’s investigate some real, tangible reasons why we think Enonic can be a perfect fit for you who are looking for a modern and content editor-friendly headless CMS fit for today’s omnichannel world.

1. Headless out of the box

Enonic can certainly be used as a digital experience platform for large-scale organizations, but let us stress the following fact: Enonic is first and foremost a headless CMS! “Headless” basically means that you can re-use your content across applications and websites, without it being bound to a specific format. This principle of separating content and presentation is Enonic to the core.

Our headless CMS is a content hub—it is one place to manage content across systems, giving you full control and making it easy to re-use content on any platform, whether it be mobile, desktop, wearables, voice assistants, snippets, IoT, or what have you.

Developers get their fill, too. We provide a powerful GraphQL API—meaning your developers get full flexibility and freedom to build the solution they (and preferably you) want.

And best of all, it doesn't have to be one way or the other with Enonic. If you want a traditional CMS, no problem! If you want headless capabilities, sure thing! If you want a mixture of both, Enonic's got you covered with our hybrid CMS approach.

2. Flexible and scalable

The term “future-proof” is in danger of becoming yet another empty marketing buzzword, but behind all the glitter and glamor is an important principle: the ability for a CMS to fuel your digital experiences for years to come. And future-proof means flexibility and scalability for both developers and content editors alike.

The Enonic platform is incredibly flexible, due to our open-source nature (it runs anywhere!), content modeling, easy integration with third-parties, and powerful APIs. Nothing is set in stone, and you can upgrade parts as you go along.

Also, Enonic ensures high scalability by being designed for cloud and clustered deployment, which in turn requires minimal infrastructure. In layman’s terms, this means that traffic spikes will be handled, and that our offerings will match your requirements—for both upscaling and downscaling.

3. Intuitive and effective content management

Enonic’s Content Studio makes editing and publishing content easier than ever. Take the headache out of content management with a responsive user interface that includes permission editing down to the smallest content item, change tracking, and bulk editing—and lets you quickly publish everything from a complete site to specific content items.

Your business is unique, and your pages and content should reflect that. Enonic allows you to customize every single page and piece of content to your exact needs and specifications. Need to create a responsive landing page on the fly? We’ve got you covered. Have to customize and configure your own page templates? Check. Or perhaps you want to edit rich text directly on the page? Affirmative.

Plus, with a powerful repository navigator you can search through all of your content in the blink of an eye. There’s even a contextual, live preview that lets you see everything as it will appear on any screen size.

Learn more: How to use Enonic XP for effective content management »

4. Image handling

Managing and re-using images across your content can easily turn into a major bottleneck, slowing things down and causing unnecessary aggravation. It should be easy, but most systems will force you to do edits in other image applications and you might end up having several variants of the same image in your CMS.

Enonic, however, supports intuitive image handling, with editors handling zoom, pan, focal point and metadata all in one place. And no more unnecessary image duplication!

See how Enonic simplifies your everyday image problems »

5. Responsive page editor

The days when you only could publish or make changes to your website from the comforts of your desktop or laptop are long gone from Enonic’s point of view. Content Studio is of course fully responsive, making it as easy to edit from a large screen as from the palm of your hand (almost).

Content Studio features panels that can be resized at will, and some can even be toggled on and off, which is valuable on smaller screens with limited space. Additionally, our emulator widget lets you see the preview of your content in different sizes!

6. Excellent customer service

Enonic will never leave you high and dry. Got a question? You can reach us by phone, email, web chat, forum, or Slack anytime. We also know how powerful a passionate community can be, so we encourage everyone to ask questions, provide help, and share experiences in our Slack community and online forum.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our network of solution partners can help you build and enhance your digital experiences by delivering complete projects and resources.


Enonic is a lightweight headless CMS, but it can also be much more. It all depends on your requirements, and we’re happy to oblige.

Originally published 2 June 2018, updated 8 June 2022.

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