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There are many groups and communities around the world—dedicated to different topics and causes. In communities, people gather to share experiences, discuss new ideas, broker new relationships, or attend lectures to increase their knowledge and skills.

The same principles apply to digital leaders as everyone else. Digital leaders need to stay up to date on digital trends, new technologies, and industry news. But why exactly should they join a community? We will explore the reasons why, and list five communities which can serve this purpose.

Why join a digital leader community?

In a community for digital leaders you will meet like-minded people, potentially from all over the world. This is not only interesting due to common interests in IT and leadership, but also a great way to share experience and to get new perspectives on topics you may have thought were exhausted a long time ago.

In a similar vein, when many high-level digital leaders meet, they can share complex and deep industry developments with an insider’s knowledge in a way you will never see in mainstream media. Thus, instead of reading trends in tabloid magazines, you can get real and invaluable industry insights from central actors.

And last, but not least, meeting with other digital leaders can lead to, not only lasting friendships, but also potential partnerships and business opportunities. Nothing beats first-hand introductions and personal interactions, and in this way a community can serve as an excellent gateway.

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With the reasons for joining a community accounted for, here are the top 5 communities for digital leaders, in no specific order:

Boye & Company

The networking and learning firm Boye & Company is based in Denmark, but offers specialized peer groups and conferences around the world—with a special focus on Europe and North America. They have several peer groups offering both physical and digital events and calls, including CMS Experts, Digital Project Management, and, of course, Digital Leadership.

The vision of Boye & Company is to “help professionals access and share project know-how and experience in a friendly environment where strong professional relationships could take form.”

Digital Leaders

The aptly named Digital Leaders is a worldwide community of over 110,000 senior leaders related to technology and digital transformation. Geographically, this network focuses especially on the UK, but the increase of online events are diminishing old borders.

In addition to conferences and talks, Digital Leaders offer the virtual spaces called “DigiLounge” and thought leadership insights. They also offer specialized topics like 5G, emerging tech, and health tech.


Not aimed at digital leaders specifically, the company GrowthHackers is, however, offering a community for people who want to accelerate the growth of their respective organizations—something which is highly relevant for any digital leader.

Among the services of GrowthHackers are the Jumpstart Program, Growth University, and a growth hacking software called NorthStar. GrowthHackers also host the yearly GrowthHackers Conference, available for their 3,000 “growth teams.”

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Digital Leadership Forum

Another UK-based community, Digital Leadership Forum also arranges mainly digital events where their members can partake. Their community consists of several high-ranking companies, including Dell, Intel, Pfizer, and BDO.

One of the differentiating factors about the Digital Leadership Forum is one of their key focus areas: digital marketing. As a result, they offer the Digital Marketing Leadership Academy in order to help your organization develop smarter digital marketing strategies.

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