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Enonic sports intuitive content management, powerful image handling, a responsive page editor, and excellent customer service. All of these elements come together to form what we’re confident is the most flexible and scalable CMS out there.

While that’s all well and good in theory, what about in practice? How has Enonic been used by real companies to create exceptional digital experiences?


Gjensidige (meaning “Mutual”) is an insurance, banking, and savings company operating across Scandinavia and the Baltics. They wanted to create a unified international brand with a strong and unique identity. A key element of their strategy was to become more accessible to their customers by simplifying communication and removing the confusing aspects of an industry that is often characterized by large amounts of complex information and regulations.

In short, they were looking to break down norms and eliminate jargon in favor of a fresh and accessible digital experience and to build a platform that was 100% user-oriented, coherent, flexible, and scalable. 

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The solution was to simplify content and design by removing unnecessary elements, and build the content platform using modules created in Enonic. Placement and size, as well as the appearance of each page, is determined in Enonic’s platform by each editor.

By allowing the content to take precedence over the design, Gjensidige streamlined their digital concept into three main templates and a few different module types. The modules were developed into some that address quick tasks for customers who know what they need to do, with others for information and advice.

Gjensidige’s brand building efforts have resulted in a unified profile and culture—“one Gjensidige”—and the Enonic platform is used both for Gjensidige’s public websites in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and for internal solutions for account officers and the company intranet. For Gjensidige, it is a truly comprehensive digital platform.

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Norway Post

Norway Post (Posten) is the Norwegian postal service, and they wanted to create a more responsive user experience that addressed real customer needs and reflected the shift of many customer service activities to smaller screens.

A simplified structure was needed to better accommodate their numerous brands and products, as well as several employee intranets.

Building on several years of research into what their customers actually wanted and how they used the site, the project aimed to create a portal that their customers actually wanted to use.

The redesign simplified the content into three concepts:

  1. Send
  2. Receive
  3. Inform

This included a number of features that empowered users to perform more tasks directly on the site itself. Content and services are thus combined to create the best possible user experience, and to answer questions before the user has thought to ask them.

This not only improves the user’s overall experience, it also reduces the load on customer service centers, freeing up resources and saving time and money.

While different Norway Post services continue to run on different software, the upgrades to Enonic allow for standardization and include as much as possible on the same platform. Norway Post are therefore able to create smooth transitions and ensure that users will recognize the brand regardless of which site or service they are using.

We focus on doing as much as possible in-house, and we have an increasing number of internal resources working on content publishing in Enonic. When it comes to content publishing, Enonic is very intuitive and simple. Even with no experience, you can do a lot with the platform.
Jon Martin Tafjord, Digital Manager at Posten Norge

The end result of Norway Post’s significant redesign is a simplified, modern, user-friendly, and responsive portal that simultaneously highlights and strengthens their position in the market.

So no matter the size or shape of the project, Enonic can deliver the exact right solution.

Whether you have one product or a portfolio of thousands of products and services, Enonic is up for the task. And it’s ready for the future too, scaling to match the shifting needs or increasing numbers of your customers. Its user interface is easy to use for casual content managers and editors, while at the same time allowing for unparalleled flexibility and durability for developers through for instance our Next.js integration.

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First published 17 September 2018, updated 5 August 2022.

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