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Kommunal Landspensjonskasse Gjensidig Forsikringsselskap, commonly known as KLP, is a Norwegian mutual insurance company responsible for the management of municipal and county pensions and insurance issues. Based in Oslo, KLP has total assets of NOK 692 billion (approximately USD 80 billion), with 414 municipal and county authorities, 25 health trusts, and 2,500 public sector companies as clients.

In 2018 KLP decided to replace their aging CMS and digital platform, in order to meet the digital customer requirements of the future. After a thorough process of careful deliberation, KLP landed on a shortlist of two potential vendors in October 2018. This included Enonic and the platform Enonic XP.

Want to know more? How KLP chose a digital platform.


The task of choosing a new digital platform is difficult for any organization, as employees must deal with the given solution for the next 5–10 years. There are several factors to consider, like the long-term direction of the customer, emerging digital trends, and how to build a future-proof platform.

KLP needed a platform that was faster, better, and more secure than their current solution. The platform also needed to integrate with their design system, as well as offering personalization, login services, marketing automation integration, and A/B testing.

KLP had used their current CMS for over 10 years, during which they had built their own front-ends and several features in addition to the original solution. Furthermore, KLP were unsure about whether they should run the new platform on premises or in the cloud.

All these issues and more were delivered as tasks for the two potential vendors to solve in an on-site time limited proof of concept (PoC).



During a course of 10 days Enonic worked on the solutions to the detailed and demanding PoC given by KLP. The Enonic team used the KLP design system right out of the box in Enonic XP, and began working on fully responsive layouts, bilateral integration, and a fully customized Enonic form builder.

Other solutions included highly specified editorial roles and access management, and fully customizable content types like articles, landing pages, and forms, as well as page templates, macros, and teaser components. A/B testing was made possible through an integration with Visual Web Optimizer (VWO), and a personalization component was built by Enonic with React. As for marketing automation, Enonic’s deliberate decision on using “best of breed” third-party applications in tight integration with Enonic XP was well received.

Being a hybrid CMS, Enonic XP allows users to choose whether they want a traditional CMS, a headless CMS, or both at the same time. This seamless functionality also applies to search, as Enonic XP comes ready with an integrated database built around the fast and smart search engine Elasticsearch.

In addition to this, Enonic also delivered solutions on content migration, easy duplication and setup of campaign sites, localization, language support, system documentation, cloud/on site integration, backup and recovery, security architecture, and much more.

Want to get the full story? How KLP chose a digital platform.


The intense hands-on PoC process at KLP’s offices resulted in a test build of and a 40-page report delivery from Enonic. With this, KLP possessed a unique basis for making their decision.

Not only did Enonic deliver more than required before deadline—like for instance app localization—they also answered requirements outside of the PoC—including market strategy, upgrade regime, and security architecture.

During the project Enonic demonstrated the ease of training developers and getting them started in Enonic XP. The user-friendliness and intuitiveness of Enonic XP, along with best practice provided by Enonic and a close collaboration between all actors, ensured a solid and satisfactory delivery.

KLP finally chose Enonic’s solution in December 2018, understanding that Enonic can help them change and adapt digital solutions in a faster and more secure way, as well as receiving quality deliveries on e.g. localization.

Following the PoC, KLP started an implementation project in January 2019 and launched its public website hosted in Enonic Cloud in June 2019.

Technical overview

  • Enonic Cloud
    • Enonic XP 6.15
    • Development (Dev)
    • Quality Assurance (QA)
    • Production (Prod)
  • Headless CMS
    • Guillotine library
    • GraphQL
  • Enonic Market
    • Form builder (customized to KLP’s design system)
    • SEO Meta Fields
    • Visual Website Optimizer
    • Menu lib
  • KLP Design System
  • Gradle (build system)
  • GitHub (Git Repo)
  • React
  • HTML5
  • Jenkins (continuous delivery)
  • Trello (task management)

Enonic XP is both accessible and easy to work with. In addition, Enonic’s solution was best suited for KLP’s existing skill set, which includes JavaScript.

Åsne Taksrud
Vice President IT Digital Customer Solutions


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