Enonic’s partner program is not empty boasting or nail polish on a hangnail. We do really want to collaborate tightly in order to secure that our partners win bids. Here is how we approach a successful collaboration as possible in regard to the bidding process.

Customer Requirements

When a potential customer delivers a set of requirements in a bidding process, Enonic can assist by reviewing the specifications and customer demands. In this phase we will see how the Enonic platform fits the requirements.

We will help answer the requirements, as well as requirements where you don’t necessarily have the required skills—or where you want inputs. We will answer questions like “what is the best product?” or “what is the best configuration?” For example: does the customer want hosting in the cloud, or will they run the solution on premise or in a private cloud?

Another topic we consider is architecture—if the partner has questions on how to solve the task in the best possible way. Enonic can also be a sparring partner with discussion on best practices regarding the solution.

A final aspect to consider is what you can get out of the box from Enonic. Together we can find out whether there are ready made apps on the Enonic Market that can be used in the bidding project, or if our experience with solutions made for other customers can be reused.


As part of building a strong partnership for both the current bid and the future, we want our partners to be experts on the Enonic platform. To achieve that, we offer a training package, where developers get access to two developer courses, and where the sales team at the partner gets sales enablement training.

Pricing Offer

We will also walk through a detailed offer in regard to the platform pricing. This is usually tailored for each unique customer and depends on several factors and requirements. Enonic will carefully review every nuance together with you before delivering a pricing offer.

Proof of Concept

We have extensive experience with conducting and assisting in proof of concept processes toward potential customers. We can help define the use case, assist in organizing the project, conduct training, and clarify the nature of the collaboration, experience, work amount, functionality, required tech, integrations, available skills, and reporting.

Not only that, we can also set up a test environment for the project.

Customer Meetings

Meeting the customer face to face is important for establishing trust and probing the terrain for the much coveted chemistry. But having a meaningful and valuable meeting demands preparation, and here Enonic can help you with the necessary knowledge and insight.

In addition to partaking in customer meetings if desirable, we can coach and help you prepare an awesome Enonic demo. In this process we discover what insights need to be gained, how we should set up the demo in terms of hosting and apps, and the best way to perform the actual demo.

Win/Loss Review

After the bidding process is done, we can sit down with you to review the eventual win or loss, and provide a retrospective. This usually pertains to selected customer cases, and most likely as a loss review. Here we will ask why we did lose and what we can do better the next time.


Entering and winning bids can be done alone, or in collaboration with Enonic. This is up to the partner to decide, as each case fosters a unique strategy where a tighter or looser collaboration can be called for.

In any case, we are prepared to help ensure your and your customer’s success!

Spec sheet: How Enonic fits your requirements

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