Getting quickly up and running on a new digital platform is important to gain early wins and ensure long lasting revenue and a flourishing partnership. This is why we in Enonic emphasise both training and developer certification in regard to our partners, to lay the best groundworks for a fruitful collaboration in years to come.


We offer two types of training for our partners:

  • Developer training
  • Sales enablement training

Developer training

In order to build the most optimal digital solutions for your customers, your developers need to know all the best practices of our platform, Enonic XP. This is why we offer two consecutive courses: XP Developer 101 and XP Developer 201. Both the courses have one day duration.

XP Developer 101

This course teaches your developers how to build websites and gives them a thorough introduction to Enonic XP from a developer’s perspective. Prerequisites include knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5. In the course developers learn about installation procedures, creating new apps, XP app structure, the MVC framework, components, schemas, libraries and APIs, basic use of Thymeleaf, and the Content Studio admin tool.

XP Developer 201

This advanced course teaches your developers to expand and improve websites and apps with Enonic XP. Prerequisites include the XP Developer 101 course or enough experience with Enonic XP to know all the basic concepts, basic app architecture, and JavaScript. Upon completion, developers will be familiar with the architecture in XP, more in-depth XP features, and XP functionality and libs.

Sales enablement training

Building a great solution for your customers is not enough, you also need to get the message out in the market. To enable your sales department in this endeavour, Enonic offer a sales enablement training for our partners.

This kind of training is customised for each partner, and typically takes the form of a workshop. Here it is advisable that your key commercial or sales personnel attend, and we will walk through the following topics:

  • Value proposition
  • How to demo Enonic XP
  • Overview of Enonic’s content assets
  • Enonic vs. competitors
  • Bid and presale process

Armed with this knowledge and skill set, your sales personnel will stand a greater chance at entering bid processes and shortlists, and signing new customers.

Developer certification test

Our 30-minute developer certification exam is targeted towards developers working with Enonic XP. It is a proof for developers who want to demonstrate their commitment to their profession, establish their credibility, and empower their résumés.

As a partner or customer, you can verify whether your developers have passed the test via an email address. This is a safe way to maintain confidence and demonstrate real knowledge and skills.

The test costs 120 USD per attempt, with 1 attempt included with the XP Developer 201 course. The reason why we charge a sum per attempt is to avoid having developers take the test several times just in order to memorise the questions. The test is about developers showing real understanding of Enonic XP principles, which will ultimately benefit you in the long run.

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