When you have signed a partner agreement with Enonic, you can expect transparency when it comes to sharing knowledge and partaking in joint business processes. To ensure a successful collaboration, we want us to work together to produce great results for everyone involved. But what do we define as success?

Acquiring Skills

We want to empower our partners with skills and knowledge. This way you can implement best practices and terrific advisory to your customers when it comes to the Enonic platform. We measure this empowerment by the following factors:

If you also enable a solutions architect or a similar role in your organization as an Enonic ambassador, we consider it as a clear sign of success in knowledge and skills.


Nothing is more discouraging than a dormant partner. That’s why we encourage our partners to participate in our community in the following ways:

Closing Business

Generating business and revenue is the main goal of a collaboration between you and Enonic, and this is naturally an important area we measure. Here are factors we consider specifically:

  • Closed deals and value last 12 months
  • Number of delivered quality bids
  • Size of your pipeline
  • Number of customer meetings and demos

Delivering Projects

Winning customers and signing contracts is just the beginning, not the end, of a potentially exciting and lucrative adventure. This is why we keep on measuring success factors in project deliveries as well:

  • Enonic Support SLA – measuring the help we give within the agreed upon framework
  • Feature request handling (this is on us)

Long Term Customer Relationships

Enonic is in this for the long game, and we hope and expect that our partners are too. Following this rationale, we measure some long term aspects, including:

  • Customer revenue
  • Customer satisfaction

The latter can be done through e.g. NPS scores and analyst reports like SoftwareReviews.


While we are not running after our partners and measuring every step and action along the way, we do take our collaboration seriously. This means we are paying attention, that we care about project progress, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the partner's success.Β Your success.

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