While Enonic is always on the lookout for new potential partners, not every system integrator or agency out there will fit our partner profile. However, if you are forward thinking and want to try something new based on best of breed or headless/composable CMS rather than big suites, chances are you have come to the right place!

What Enonic Is Looking for in Partners

Essentially, we’re looking for a digital agency or system integrator with UX skills. We are flexible in regard to our ideal partners. Given that a wide range of organizations can make use of the Enonic platform, our partners can be everything from web development agencies to big system integrators.

Preferably, we want the partner to be innovative and agile, with a solution architect in the team who can act as a technical ambassador.


Ideally, you deliver digital experiences using modern front-end frameworks and composable/headless CMS. If you fit this description, you may be the perfect partner for us. However, we also welcome partners who work with traditional websites, web apps (PWA), and, of course, business critical deployments.

We highly value partners who are able to run end-to-end projects, which can be done in collaboration with other agencies and designers. You can also deliver tailored solutions, with a high degree of customizations and integrations, and make use of composable architecture—i.e. headless and traditional CMS use cases.

Technology Skills

We believe your team has the skills to work with several technologies, including .NET, PHP, Java, and JavaScript. The Enonic platform is based on JavaScript, which means that all web developers can get up to speed quickly to build solutions.


Your customers are usually medium to large organizations, but even smaller projects are fully possible due to Enonic being open source.

Verticals where we are strong include financial services, public sector, logistics, sports and leisure, and consumer goods. Also, our platform is ideally suited for a handful to several hundreds content editors.

Using Competitors Such As …

You will fit Enonic’s profile if you have experience delivering CMS projects and solutions from competitors in the following categories:

If you deliver complex suites, you might want an alternative that is more lightweight and agile. Here Enonic can offer a flexible and open source platform based on JavaScript.

If you deliver pure headless CMS, you might want to try out our composable CMS to better support complex websites or more complex headless projects where more customization and orchestration are needed.

Knowledge about Inbound Marketing

We use inbound marketing extensively in Enonic, as this has proven to be a solid way to generate leads, opportunities, and business. It would be a great advantage if you have knowledge about inbound or are willing to use inbound principles in our collaboration.


If you are interested in becoming a partner with Enonic and deliver strong digital experiences ranging from apps to corporate websites and everything in between, please reach out to us.

Spec sheet: How Enonic fits your requirements

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