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Agile eCommerce

Enonic offers an agile headless CMS with a powerful back-end to integrate your services and systems. Use any front-end to deliver an outstanding eCommerce experience.

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Headless CMS

Model rich content types withย blocks, grouped fields, content/media references, and rich text editing using our flexible schema system.

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JavaScript MVC framework

Enonic provides a server-side MVC framework for application development. The framework features a rails-like concept for faster development and less complexity. Other highlights include customizable APIs, flexible data storage, and search across different sources.

Jigsaw Puzzle Connection API

Customizable API and back-end

The GraphQL API lets you fetch exactly the data you want, when you want it. The API adapts dynamically to your content model and can be customized, together with the back-end.

Front-end Frameworks

Docs: Frameworks

Ready to use integration for different frameworks.

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