Staying in the loop and keeping updated on the newest digital trends can be a difficult and time consuming endeavor. But it is a necessary one, if you want to stay ahead of your competition and deliver the best possible digital solution to your customers.

We want to help our partners succeed, so here are several tips on how to keep up to date on technology and industry trends, as well as news about the Enonic platform itself.

Digital Communities

A digital community can be a fast and reliable way of getting industry insights and connecting with relevant people. Here are some communities for digital leaders, in no specific order:

Enonic Product

As a partner, it is vital that you know all the relevant ins and outs of the Enonic platform. This also includes keeping tabs on all the new features being introduced or being planned for a future release. There are three main sources of keeping updated: our roadmap, release notes, and webinars/Meetups.

Enonic Community

In Enonic we are lucky to have a vibrant and active community of developers and content editors. Within our community you can share experiences and get answers to your questions, whether technical or otherwise. You can find our community on:

Industry Knowledge and Trends

For more general knowledge and insights, we recommend reading both Enonic resources as well as external ones.

Read the Enonic blog to get information, guides, and insights about topics such as CMS, digital projects, content management, headless CMS, digital strategy, composable CMS, marketing tools, customer journey, innovation, content operations, and much more.

Visit CMSWire to get daily updates on digital customer experience, digital workplace technologies and practices, and the latest on information management.

Take a look at what our partners are writing aboutβ€”they sit upon a wealth of experience and information, which is surely relevant to you.


Are there any sources we missed? Please reach out to us and provide suggestions!

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