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Support customers and employees with a definite source of knowledge and documentation. Build custom content types, fetch content via a powerful API, and distribute to any necessary channel—like a dedicated website, content in apps, or snippets on third-party sites. As for the editors, our Content Studio provides an intuitive and user-friendly UI for efficient content management.

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Flexible content types

Custom content types is created through Enonic's schema system, where you can combine multiple input types and sets. Schemas can even be reused across content types, and our powerful APIs enables content reuse across different channels.

Content Studio Navigator Tree Structure

Tree structure

The tree structure offers a neat overview, and can reflect your website or a logical structure for managing your content. Create, publish, sort, duplicate, and archive content items with custom access rights.


Workflow and roles

Collaboration and approval processes are essential in an editorial environment. Enonic therefore features a content status workflow, issues system, and granular permissions and roles management.

Checklist: How to choose the right headless CMS

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