Enonic XP is the crown jewel of the Enonic empire. If your goal is world domination, if you want to stay ahead of industry trends and competitors with a powerful web platform, if you want state of the art functionality to build and distribute your content and services—Enonic is the natural choice.

Now, let us see how Enonic XP can be the hub for all your digital experiences, in terms of efficiency, maintenance, developer-friendliness, headless CMS, integrations, customer journey, and more.

Increase your team’s efficiency

Your marketing team and web editors essentially want to solve one crucial task: to create and display their content—the way they want it. Enonic XP’s included CMS is called Content Studio, and promises to leverage your team’s efficiency with the following features:

  • Navigation: Intuitive interface and logical content tree
  • Search: Super-fast with content type filters
  • Image handling: Advanced editing, including focal point
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Familiar from Mac OS and Windows
  • Issues management: Easy team communication and asset linking
  • Responsive design: Edit from the palm of your hand as well as on desktop
  • Page builder: Visual drag and drop functionality
  • Macros: Embed advanced content and functionality into your text, like social media, videos, quotes, etc.
  • Duplicate content: Optional to include child items
  • Dependencies: Examine inbound and outbound content items links
  • Access and roles management: Decide who gets to do what

Easier maintenance

Enonic XP is a versatile platform, catering to the most special requirements from your organization. Many organizations use different systems for different needs—like WordPress for blogging, a headless CMS for apps, a DXP for the corporate site, SharePoint for intranet purposes, and so on. So many systems means a lot of work and effort to keep them all maintained and up to date, not to mention the training of new users.

With Enonic you can gather all or most of these channels into one solution. One solution is far easier to maintain than several, as well as cheaper and smarter in regard to training.

Aiding your developers

Developers love one thing above all else: the freedom to build what they want, with the tools they want. Enonic XP uses server-side JavaScript for developing apps, which is meant to get any developer up and running quickly—regardless of their experience with PHP, .net, Python, or Java.

In other words, there are fewer technologies for your developers to teach themselves with Enonic—it is easier to learn the platform faster and onboard new developers. Add to this the continuous deployment for one solution instead of many, reuse across systems (e.g. through a design system), a CLI, a SDK, and a flexible and customizable CMS, the interest of your developers are sure to be piqued.

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Support and SLA from one source

The common thread of Enonic is integration. This does not mean that Enonic is a monolithic platform, but that we offer a flexible and agile core on which you can build custom solutions or couple your favorite best-of-breed tools. This theme also pertains to support and service level agreements (SLA).

Due to Enonic XP’s powerful core, your organization can get the essentials from one source, which also means support and SLA from one source. Which means: Fewer vendors for you to relate to, fewer systems, fewer channels, and fewer communities to engage in. Translated: Time and money saved.

Enonic has some strong and dedicated channels: Our developer portal, Slack workspace, forum, and support system.

Headless distribution

As yet another testament of Enonic’s flexible core, we are all these things:

  • Classic CMS: Build pages, visual editor, URL handling, templating
  • Headless CMS: Distribute structured content to any channel via a GraphQL API
  • Hybrid CMS: Do both!

Being a hybrid CMS enables a wide range of possibilities for Enonic users. App developers can do their thing with a pure and lightweight headless solution, while a small business can keep their web presence with a traditional website. And a corporation can keep their corporate website maintained with the classic CMS, while having omnichannel delivery with the headless solution.

Enonic thus has a “content first” approach. In the very core of Enonic XP you can find the principle of modelling content for reuse—thinking content first and presentation later.

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Third-party integrations

As mentioned, Enonic focuses on having a powerful and flexible core, while we encourage our users to integrate the platform with any best-of-breed vendor in e.g. marketing automation, SEO, health check, analytics, e-commerce, and so on.

We have an established marketplace for apps, called Enonic Market. Here you can find ready-made themes to quickly get a dummy site up and running, as well as fully compatible apps like Disqus, form builder, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Klarna Checkout, Siteimprove, social macros, and more.

Enonic also supports custom integrations:

  • Libraries for HTTP requests, SQL, GraphQL
  • APIs in the core for most requirements
  • Web-based APIs for content, app engine for running code
  • Can run any JS library on the server-side
  • Can frequently run tasks to retrieve og distribute data to other APIs
  • JavaScript engine that can be coupled to all Java code

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Easy to improve UX

The main reason for having digital experiences in the first place is to delight your potential and actual customers across their entire buyer’s journey and experience with your products. You cannot have great user experiences if your tools are outdated and sluggish. It should be clear by now that Enonic XP enables both web editors and developers to build and maintain great content and services—which again improves the UX.

Being a web application platform, developers can build games, progressive web apps, websites, intranets, logistics systems, APIs, etc. in Enonic XP. Regardless of the channel, the included Content Studio allows web editors to use custom content types such as pages, blog posts, case studies, events, quotes, testimonials, snippets, fact boxes, and FAQs. So, no matter what digital content touchpoint you need in your customer journey, Enonic will have it covered.

Yet, content is only half the story of a customer journey. Developers can also build custom services for both internal and external users in Enonic XP, including calculators, buttons, switches, media players, self-service functionality, eCommerce, targeting, APIs, integrations, search, apps, and identity.

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