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Enonic's mission is to create first-rate digital experiences. We aim to please our customers and partners as much as possible—through great user experience, fair pricing and collaboration, and a welcoming and sharing community.

But any company can use flattering adjectives about themselves. Any company can claim to be “great” and “leading,” or tell how awesome their products are.

So let’s do something different. Let’s take a look at what our actual, real-life, flesh-and-blood customers say about Enonic.


UX and productivity

According to a vendor-neutral report by Boye & Company, “several customers reported that the admin GUI called Content Studio is easy to work with and master, thus making them more productive.” The advanced image handling was also highlighted as an especially good feature.

In their comprehensive report based on aggregated feedback from real customers, Info-Tech Research Group names Enonic an industry leader within digital experience – enterprise.

But there’s always room for improvements. Customers are for instance requesting a better version handling and track changes tool. A verified Enonic review from Gartner Peer Insights also thinks Enonic should improve their migration tools—making the transition to Enonic easier.

Åsne Taksrud, former Vice President IT Digital Customer Solutions from the multi-billion financial services company KLP has the following to say: “Enonic is both accessible and easy to work with. In addition, Enonic’s solution was best suited for KLP’s existing skill set, which includes JavaScript.”

Kjetil Kolsrud, Founder & Editor at online newspaper Rett24, thinks “Enonic is amazingly user-friendly and has exactly the elements I need as an editor, and not all the stuff I don’t need.”

“Enonic is very intuitive and simple. Even with no experience, you can do a lot with the platform,” says Jon Martin Tafjord, former Digital Manager at Norway Post.

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At its core, Enonic is a content platform—meant for content editors to manage structured content and for developers to build digital solutions rapidly and securely. The graphical user interface Content Studio is an app on top of the Enonic core, and is used as a feature-rich, lean and flexible CMS.

However, Content Studio is no native marketing suite—there are no campaign support or extensive digital marketing features by default. In their report however, Boye & Co writes that “we have not heard a customer or partner requesting Enonic to put these features on their roadmap.”

Customers and partners instead use APIs and integrations to boost their marketing efforts—either through ready-made apps like HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Siteimprove on Enonic Market, or through custom solutions built by their own developers.

“Independent apps hooked up with GitHub is a fast and good way to work. It makes the whole ecosystem very developer friendly,” says a customer to Boye & Co.

As a token of flexibility, Enonic powers the digital experiences of all the clubs in the Norwegian Professional Football League—including the main site itself. Thomas Torjusen, Head of Media and CDO, says “All our clubs now have one stable and user-friendly platform—with one design that fits all. The new websites have increased brand visibility and user information, giving us better foundations for sales.”


“They win at technical innovation,” says an Enonic customer according to Boye & Co, while other customers reports that the core architecture of Enonic is easy to understand and set up.

Developers get started within minutes, with a command line interface or Docker images for fast deployment. Most developers know JavaScript, and with Enonic development is done in server-side JavaScript—easing the process considerably.

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Boye & Co write that many customers and business users “report that Enonic is a pleasure to work with.” Every project and customer setup is unique, and Enonic is always putting in effort to meet every specialized requirement.

Info-Tech Research Group lists Enonic in first place when it comes to likeliness to recommend and customers who plan to review. Customers are satisfied with Enonic over the board, ranking the company first in areas such as business value, data integration, training quality, support, feature breadth, and ease of IT administration. Enonic is also listed as the number one generous, innovative, and secure company.

Torstein Aas-Hansen, Editor and Department head at Norwegian mutual insurance Gjensidige, emphasizes the collaboration further: “The close relationship and collaboration with the experts from Enonic was absolutely decisive for the success of our new technical platform.”


A verified review of Enonic XP on Gartner Peer Insights underlines the support specifically: “if you need help/support you will get [it] immediately. So you will get good support 24/7.”

Another review states the same: “Excellent customer service and relation to the main contact. They focus on listening to our needs and find the best solution for us. Their product is also superior in my opinion in terms of user-friendliness and flexibility.”

Support is also reported as being effective according to Boye & Co, who write that partners think “Enonic is easy to work with and listens to feedback. That key individuals, such as their CTO, reply to discussion forum is a key strength.”


Enonic hosts several meetings yearly, aimed at both developers and web editors. The meetups are, as noted by Boye & Co, “high quality and worth attending,” addressing highly relevant topics and issues for customers, partners, and other onlookers alike. In addition to this, Enonic also offers a forum and a Slack channel.

A verified user review on G2 states that "my favorite part of Enonic XP is the flexibility the platform provides and the helpful community on discuss.enonic.com and their Slack community."

Training and certification

Enabling skills and résumés for both own and external developers is an important task for Enonic—as well as enabling content editors to become more efficient through our content courses. Through quality training courses and robust certification tests customers are able to visibly increase their skills.

In conjunction with the educational nature of Enonic, a verified review from Gartner Peer Insights states that Enonic “is a very open and user friendly solution. It was easy to educate all our publishers and also easy to adjust to meet our needs.”

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We in Enonic want our customers and partners to succeed, and in that endeavor we provide an advisory service about everything from system architecture, implementation, and deployment to specific choices within design and functionality.

Si Muddell, Digital Engagement Strategy Director in British charity Scope, said the following about the advisory practice by Enonic: “Enonic were fantastic to work with, and very active in contributing ideas and considerations for best practice. Enonic has an intuitive admin interface, and has proved to be a highly stable and secure platform.”

Another review from Gartner Peer Insights share the customer’s thoughts about the advisory aspect of Enonic. According to the review, Enonic “are the experts and can advise you in decisions.”


As an overall conclusion, we’ll let the following quotation and the following statistics speak for themselves:

“Working with Enonic is really enjoyable. Both with the product and the company. The product is both user-friendly and flexible. The company focuses on good customer service, and meets all of our needs in an excellent way!” – Verified user review on Gartner Peer Insights.

8.7 composite score (no. 1 overall), 9.0 CX score (no. 5 overall), +91 emotional footprint (no. 1 overall), and 91% likeliness to recommend (no. 1 overall) – Info-Tech / Software Reviews May 2022.

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First published 16 October 2019, updated 6 January 2023.

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