Winning bids is one thing, but delivering an excellent digital solution to your customer is an entirely different game. Conducting such an undertaking can prove both a challenge and an exciting opportunity, and this is why Enonic offer help to our partners’ projects.

By receiving assistance and support from Enonic, your company can secure a best practice implementation of the platform. Let us see in what ways we can help.


Firstly, in order to implement the Enonic platform in the best possible way that makes most sense to your customer, you need to be an expert on the solution. The most optimal way to achieve this is to let your developers attend the Enonic training program.

Our training courses ensure that your developers get a thorough introduction to the Enonic platform, and our certification test can act as a solid proof of the skills of your developers. We also offer specialised DevOps training if your customer wants to host on premise or in a private cloud.

Finally, we offer developer training for our CMS Content Studio, which allows you to become more familiar with the content management system—in order to build better solutions or to offer guidance to your customers.


While our training courses are the preeminent way to acquire skills and knowledge about the Enonic platform, it is by far the only means available. For developers and others who want to learn at their own pace, or who simply want to access information after attending a course, we offer extensive documentation and guides on our Developer Portal, industry insights and Enonic best practices on our blog, and videos on YouTube.


Being a vendor with over 20 years of industry tenure, Enonic have accumulated a substantial body of know-how and experience in regard to digital projects. We will gladly share this wealth of information with our partners in order to secure best practice implementation of the Enonic platform.

Enonic can arrange custom workshops based on specific topics that need to be resolved in your project. We can for instance discuss the best way to address integrations and operations, the latter especially if the customer wants to host the solution themselves.

Advisory from Enonic is also preferable if you need specialists on security or content modelling and production. We can help contribute to the project or we can introduce third-party resources if it’s necessary to add full time resources. As for performance issues, we can do an optimisation analysis to improve the results.

Our partners can rest assured that we always will provide advisory if required, and contribute to the success of your projects.


There are several options for receiving support in the Enonic system. Developers can get support at our Slack workspace, our discussion forum, or on GitHub, while editors can mainly use Slack. Urgent matters should be addressed on the Enonic Support channel to secure timely follow up and SLA.

Feature requests

If needs arise in the project or if you see customer requirements not being resolved in the current release of Enonic, you can always send in a feature request via Enonic Support or our discussion forum.

Going live

Enonic can of course assist when your project is going live. If Enonic is hosting, we will help with the preparation of the production environment. If your customer is self hosting, we can verify the hosting environment to make sure all the features work as expected before launch.


Enonic can help your projects in various ways, and seeing that we are in it for the long run, we want to continue the collaboration in terms of maintenance, expansions, and improvements to ensure lasting success for you and your customers.

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